Preschool Objectives

  1. To introduce each child to the truth's in God's Word, especially His seeking and forgiving love through Christ.
  2. To see themselves as the reconciled, redeemed children of God and individual members of Christ's body, the church.
  3. To express their joy in worship of God through prayer, music, dramatic play, by helping others and sharing with others.
  4. To help each child develop his God-given abilities in gross motor skills. (jumping, hopping, climbing, running, skipping, catching and throwing)
  5. To help each child develp his God-given abilities with fine motor skills. (holding a pencil or crayon, cutting with scissors, copying simple shapes and lines etc. )
  6. To further develop language skills by identifying objects with words, following simple directions, and answering simple questions.
  7. Refine self-help skills to independence such as dressing, putting on shoes and outerwear, buttoning, zipping, and eating skills.
  8. To introduce readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten. (matching, sorting by color and shape, understanding quantative concepts, counting and recognizing numbers)
  9. To give each child the opportunity to develop general organizational skills through listening, group activites, sharing, daily routines, and play.
  10. To help children become aware of their surroundings in the world through science, art and music.
  11. To help the child adjust to school through a happy, safe, friendly and Christ-centered environment.