Voted Best Preschool in Stillwater 2014!

Salem Lutheran Preschool is dedicated to supporting the parent's role of training them in the way of the Lord.  Each day the children will be taught a Jesus story in a way that your child will understand the awesome truths of our Savior.  The children will explode with excitement about God's marvelous Gospel message.


Kindergarten Readiness

Salem Lutheran School is dedicated to helping your child become ready for Kindergarten. They will be introduced to each letter of the alphabet and the sound it makes. The children will learn through a variety of activities how to cut, glue, draw, color, write, and assemble to achieve this goal. They will learn the numbers and their value through fun exploration.

What makes Salem unique?

  • Christ centered family atmosphere
  • Structured classes
  • Small class size; 7:1 ratio
  • Quick transisitions between activities
  • Large muscle time every day
  • Hands-on activities to promote learning
  • Discovery in science
  • Cooking time
  • Field trips
  • Learn independence
  • A full day of a fun, exciting learning environment


Why a Christian Preschool?

We believe Salem Lutheran Church has a responsibility to provide for young children the opportunity to learn the basic Christian truths. We want them to know about Jesus' love for each one of them and to impart to them Christian values in action as well as through the Word of God. We would like to offer to you our services and facilities to the preschool children in our church and surrounding community. Come take a look and see what all the excitement is about!


Full-day, five-day preschool

Tuesday/Thursday AM: 9:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. or All Day 9:15-3:40 (3 and older)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM: 9:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. or  All Day 9:15-3:40 (4 and older)