Financial aid and scholarships

Salem gladly supports students in receiving a quality Christian education. Every enrolled student, whether they are a member of our Christian congregation or part of the community, receives at least $2,000 in support of their education.

Christian education is still expensive. Since it is, Salem offers over $20,000 annually to support students. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade are invited to apply for financial assistance. Assistance is offered according to need.

Step 1: Apply to Salem
Obtain an enrollment form from the school office. Pay the current application fee so that we can begin to process your paperwork.

Step 2: Apply for assistance

Tested and Designed by Schools processes financial assistance requests. Please apply through their secure system. Their worksheet will help you prepare to fill out the application.

Step 3: Meet with the principal

The principal discusses most applications for financial assistance. If you have unique circumstances or a special situation, please plan to meet with him. He will contact you.

Step 4: Make a special gift

Salem supports every student with more than $2,000 of direct assistance annually. Many students receive much more direct assistance. Please support this work with a special gift. Your help is greatly appreciated.