Core Curriculum

Salem maintains a rigorous program of instruction in all of the core subject areas using traditional teaching methods and modern research about how children learn. Salem’s curriculum is reviewed every year by the MNSAA accreditation board.


Students in the primary grades use time proven strategies to help students become fluent in decoding and comprehension strategies at an early age. Most students begin reading by the end of the kindergarten year. In the middle and upper grades teachers use a variety of methods. Award winning and classic literature promote higher order reading skills to increase their comprehension abilities and develop a lifetime enjoyment in the area of reading.


Students use traditional methods to master math concepts, problem solving and facts. Most students complete a year of high school level Algebra by the time they graduate. Students with high ability are given the opportunity to complete high school Geometry.


Language Arts

Students are taught grammar and punctuation rules in the primary grades. These skills are practiced and expanded throughout the grades. Students are also encouraged to develop their writing skills through a variety of writing opportunities. Each week the students are taught rules regarding spelling and are given a test on words to reinforce the rules.


The Pre K – 8 science program combines the need for science knowledge and facts with an investigative approach. All our instruction gives glory and credit to God alone for the wonders of his creation. The teachers guide students to discover God’s creation while being discerning when it comes to ideas that assume evolution.

Social Studies

The K- 8 curriculum emphasizes world and U.S. geography and history. We want our students to view all people as a wonderful part of God’s creation and emphasize the need for sharing the Gospel to all nations. Beginning in preschool and kindergarten students learn about world cultures and countries. Throughout the primary grades students learn of various world climates, countries and cultures as well as places and people in the history of the United States. In the middle and upper grades students get an in depth study of the history and geography of the United States and the world.

Enhanced Curriculum

Academics and a Christian focus take precedence at Salem. In addition, many curricular areas are enhanced with additional classes and electives.


All Salem students learn songs about Jesus which they sing in various worship settings. They also learn secular songs and music theory through classroom instruction. Beginning in the middle grades students are encouraged to develop God-given musical talents through participation in band, choir, and piano. Regular visits to the Minnesota Orchestra expose students to a classical music setting.


Students learn art techniques through classroom art instruction. An art appreciation component extends throughout the grades and includes studies of works of art and culminates in a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.




Physical education is taught throughout the grade levels with emphasis on large and small motor development, fitness, and God-pleasing sportsmanship.

Sign Language

The Kindergarten students are enriched through the study of sign language using Signing Time as the course of study.


All students in grades 1 - 6 participate in a Spanish program from Northern Arizona University. The 7-8 grade students are instructed through an online based program, Rosetta Stone.


Technology is utilized in our computer lab to help reinforce creativity and concepts. A planned program of instruction for K – 8 ensures that students develop the skills necessary to apply technology as a tool to enhance their learning and communicate effectively. Students use computers to reinforce and practice skills in other subject areas, gather information, communicate with others, create projects, and make presentations.

2011 Terra Nova Test Scores

It is important to remember that each student has been given individual gifts from God. Our goal is to have each student work to their potential.

Although test scores are not a guarantee of the growth for each student, these averaged results of our most recent Standardized Achievement Tests serve to show that in addition to growth in spiritual matters, the students grow in academics as well.


*The scores are percentiles. They represent the percent of students across the nation that score lower than the Salem students on average. A score of 60 means that Salem students in that grade scored better than what you would expect 60% of the students nationwide to score.