Aside from curricular physical activities, Salem offers athletic participation in a league composed of Twin Cities area Lutheran schools. In general, children in grades 5-8 participate. The various events and schedules will be announced as the year progresses.

Salem Lutheran School provides a sports program for girls and boys. In the fall, Soccer is offered as well as girl's volleyball. During the winter basketball is offered with cheerleading for the girls. Springtime sees track and field take center stage.




Salem has adopted a sport's policy for eligibility and participation of students. This policy covers players' behavior, attendance at school, commitment to a team, academic eligibility, and technical fouls. The policy also reserves the right of the coaches, principal, or the athletic director to withhold players from playing for inappropriate behavior. You may obtain the complete policy from the school office or the athletic director.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at games. Children who are at games as spectators should not be running around unsupervised. Children attending games must be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for their behavior.

All spectators are reminded to cheer in a positive way. Booing and other negative comments, as well as poor sportsmanship, will not be tolerated. All types of jewelry and watches should not be worn for practices or games. Players and spectators should also be aware that gum, snacks, or drinks are only allowed in designated areas. Students are responsible for transportation to and from games and practices. Schedules of the sports will be printed and distributed to students before each season. Younger children will not be allowed to wait after school while an older sibling is participating in an afternoon practice or game, unless the younger children are accompanied by their parent.



You are welcome to peruse our athletic handbook