Salem Lutheran School is a ministry of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Salem provides a Christ-centered, quality education in the truths of God’s Word, in all secular subjects, and through various extra-curricular activities.  Students are guided to live their faith as children of God and as responsible citizens of the world.



                 Soul:  To nurture and strengthen the faith of each child, we study and apply God’s Word in daily religion classes and weekly chapel services.  All secular subjects are taught in the                                    in the light of God's Word.  Children have the opportunity to live their faith.

                   Mind:  We strive for academic excellence by teaching a rigorous curriculum using a variety of teaching methods and assessments

                   Body:  Students are equipped to use their bodies to glorify and serve God.  Physical developmental needs are met through physical education and extracurricular activities.                                             We promote a attitude toward exercise, teamwork, competition, and healthy living habits.