About Salem

Salem Lutheran School has had a presence in Stillwater, Minnesota and the St. Croix Valley since 1974. Located on the same property as Salem Lutheran Church, there have been a number of expansion projects that have resulted in the facility that now stands on this property. One thing that remains unchanged from its opening is the fact that God's Word is taught everyday in our school and is the sure foundation that she remains anchored on. The Lord has blessed Salem Lutheran School through the years of its existence. May God continue to bless and keep our school strong and vital.

Why Salem?

We believe Salem Lutheran Church has a responsibility to provide for young children the opportunity to learn the basic Christian truths. We want them to know about Jesus' love for each one of them and to impart to them Christian values in action as well as through the Word of God. We would like to offer to you our services and facilities to the preschool children in our church and surrounding community. Come take a look and see what all the excitement is about!

MNSAA Accreditation

Salem Lutheran School is accredited by the Minnesota Non-public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA), a federal and state sanctioned non-profit association. MNSAA accredits schools based on their compliance with a set of rigorous standards which identify policies and practices that are considered necessary for an effective school.